How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

Artificial turf is a cost-effective lawn solution to substitute natural grass gardens or sports fields.  While real grass depends on regular year-round maintenance, synthetic turf minimises the hassle and expenses of upkeep while delivering all the pleasures of a gorgeous green space – pristine and easy by design!  

Why get artificial grass? 

Artificial fake grass grants homeowners, schools, sports clubs and companies an array of cost-saving conveniences.  It requires none of the labour-intensive upkeep of natural grass – no mowing, watering or fertilising – providing the ideal low-stress, low-maintenance solution to a green space for all kinds of recreation.   

What are the different types of artificial grass? 

Landscape Artificial Grass 

Used in both commercial and residential settings, landscape artificial grass offers a lawn solution that realistically emulates the appearance of natural grass.  Its attractive colour and texture come with the added benefit of few maintenance needs, making it a low-cost alternative for your household or business.  Installing fake grass for your garden brings long-lasting beauty with minimal hassle. 

Sports Turf 

For athletic facilities, a more durable option is sports turf.  This specialised synthetic grass design readily accommodates the varied and intensive friction of sports and recreational activities, perfect for the demands of training and competition throughout the year. 

Putting Green Turf 

Golfers require a smooth surface to put fairly against their opponents and refine their game.  The even consistency streamlines ball movement, allowing for a professional-tier experience for practice and matches, ideal for both newcomers and long-time enthusiasts. 

Play Area Turf 

Playground artificial grass offers a safe and comfortable surface for children’s recreational activities, providing parents, guardians, teachers and child-minders a material they can trust regardless of seasonal weather changes or the wear of play equipment.  Architects and facilities managers often choose synthetic playground turf for its durability and special child-friendly antistatic and antimicrobial properties. 

Common Concerns about Artificial Grass 

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last Outside? 

If properly installed and maintained, synthetic lawns typically last between 8 and 20 years. 

Can Weeds Grow Through Artificial Grass? 

No.  While it is possible for weeds to form on the surface of your synthetic lawn, none can penetrate the artificial layer from below. 

Do Dogs Like Artificial Grass? 

Fake grass and pets cause no major issues.  Synthetic grass is non-toxic, hard to chew through or tear apart, soft and comfortable for paws of all sizes, and porous by design to ensure normal decomposition of any pet waste. 

Is Artificial Grass Environmentally Friendly? 

While there are pros and cons to both sides of the fake grass versus real grass ecological debate, many of the material components of modern synthetic grasses – such as sustainably sourced bio-based polymers – are specifically designed to mitigate against negative environmental impact.  Artificial lawns also reduce water usage and carbon emissions by eliminating the need for watering and mowing. 


Enjoy effort-free beauty you can trust with the perfect artificial grass for your lawn, saving you money and time while guaranteeing idyllic green spaces for your family or sports team.  Go green the easy way today with Easygrasse.