What yarn types are available?
What kind of yarn styles are being offered in the market and how are these produced ?
What coloured yarns are available?
Is the synthetic turf UV stabilised?
What are the measurements for yarns – dtex, microns?
Are certain colours more prone to UV degradation than others?
Are the yarns flame retardant?
How does the yarn perform under extreme temperatures?


How is turf made?
What does the turf consist of?
How does the turf drain?
What is the variation in tufting density?
Are carpets always tufted in straight lines?
Apart from tufting, are there other methods of manufacturing synthetic turf?
What is synthetic turf made from?
What is the guarantee? How long does it last?
Does the turf fade?
How do I install synthetic turf?
What goes underneath the synthetic turf?


Can I make a sliding tackle on synthetic turf?
Can I play on a synthetic turf pitch during winter?
What are the playing characteristics of synthetic turf compared to natural grass?
Can I play with normal soccer boots?
How long does the installation of a synthetic turf pitch take?
Does a synthetic turf pitch need to be sprinkled with water?


Can you play rugby on synthetic turf?


What is the ball behaviour on synthetic turf tennis courts, compared to other kinds of tennis courts?
What kind of shoes do you wear on a synthetic turf tennis court?
What happens when it rains on a synthetic turf tennis court?
Why are synthetic turf tennis courts sand dressed?


Can I slide on synthetic turf?
Can I play on it when it freezes?
Is water necessary for hockey pitches?

Multi use

Which sports can be played on synthetic turf?
Which type of synthetic turf do I need?

Landscape and maintenance

What about maintenance?
How does water affect the turf?
What are the various landscape and garden applications?
What type of a base?
Will it not feel too solid on a hard floor like concrete?
Can you lay the turf directly on top soil?
Can you fit the turf to irregular shapes such as a circle?
Is it dog friendly?
Can the kids play on it?
Is maintenance of synthetic turf required?
We have a split seam. What can be done about it?
We need extra game lines. What are our options?