Maintenance of Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Making maintenance even easier, EASYGRASSE not only offers professional installations for your artificial turf needs, but also offers additional maintenance packages for all your newly installed surfaces. Thereby, ensuring you get the maximum performance and longevity from your surfaces and guaranteeing an artificial grass that is cleaner, and greener, for longer.

Why maintain artificial grass?

Turf installers may often claim that synthetic turf is maintenance free. In reality, synthetic turf installations require professional management to ensure longevity and the safety of its users.

  • Ensures users of your installation are safe from risk of infection including Mesa/Staph, Meld, Fungi and Algae.
  • Extends the life of your synthetic turf installation by years, potentially saving thousands of Rands.
  • Maximizes water drainage to avoid water damage and foul odour from stagnant water.

Maintenance Program

(Pricing subject to a compulsory site visit)

Regular (Weekly)


Quarterly (Self/Easygrasse) SILVER Annually (Easygrasse) BRONZE
  • Weeds and moss – Remove weeds with root, minimum once per year to destroy moss
  • Waste – Natural and food waste, immediately removed
  • Loose seams – Loose seams must be repaired immediately
  • Brushing with POWERBROOM – Bi weekly, different direction, brush in the direction of seams and never across
  • As per regular maintenance
  • Additional sand and rubber infill if necessary (R6.00/kg)
  • Line repair
  • Turf repair
  • Control status seams and lines
  • Remove weeds and moss
  • De-compact sand/rubber with walk-behind cleaner, remove any dust, weeds, leaves, moss and dirt particles, and clean the sand and release it back onto the field
  • Turf brushing
  • Additional sand and rubber infill if necessary (R6.00/kg)
  • Line repair
  • Turf repair

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