Maintenance of Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial grass is the LOW maintenance option, but not the NO maintenance option. Partner with Easygrasse to keep your artificial grass areas in tip-top shape the EASY way.

Why Do You Need to Maintain Artificial Grass?

Your artificial grass areas give you green areas to enjoy all year round but their design requires proper care if you want them to keep that new grass look. From dust and leaves to pets’ messes and weeds, they can affect your lawn and you need to manage these factors.

Our experts know exactly how!

With the correct fake grass maintenance, you can look forward to these benefits:

  • Aesthetics: Your artificial grass keeps looking great all year round
  • Lifespan: You extend the lifespan of your grass installation – implementing correct maintenance can make it last longer, even YEARS longer compared to not doing proper cleaning and repairs
  • Hygiene: Ensure you maintain a hygienic grass area and prevent the risk of users picking up diseases or fungi
  • Drainage: Allowing optimal water drainage, preventing moisture damage
  • Odour: No nasty smells from spills or puddles of filthy water

Artificial grass is a valuable asset on your property—make sure it stays that way!

If you want to keep enjoying your grass without sacrificing time and energy, we’re here for you.

  • Ensures users of your installation are safe from risk of infection including Mesa/Staph, Meld, Fungi and Algae.
  • Extends the life of your synthetic turf installation by years, potentially saving thousands of Rands.
  • Maximizes water drainage to avoid water damage and foul odour from stagnant water.
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Four Important Tasks for Artificial Grass Care

As with any equipment and installation, artificial grass’ condition will only stay as good as the care you give it. Of course, it’s easier to look after than regular grass and you have the guarantee of green grass every day of the year. However, the following can wreak havoc on your new patch of green if you don’t provide proper care:

  • Removing dust: Dusty artificial grass won’t look inviting and what’s more, leaving dust and debris on the lawn can prevent proper drainage.
  • Cleaning liquid messes: Make sure harmful spills, such as chemicals, don’t damage the grass. Other spills can lead to a dirty, unhygienic lawn, so better to clean it up swiftly.
  • Preventing stains from messes: Artificial grass can be rinsed clean, but certain messes can leave unsightly stains if not treated in time.
  • Managing your pets’ waste: Liquid and solid waste can create various problems, from odours to stains and more.

These are just some of the problems Easygrasse can assist you with. Talk to us about how to simplify maintenance of your artificial grass.

Artificial Turf Maintenance - What Do We Offer?

With Easygrasse you can get 360° synthetic grass maintenance, thanks to our extensive set of services:

  • Removing natural elements like moss or weeds in artificial grass areas
  • Cleaning away waste, such as food spills and animal waste
  • Repairing loose seems to prevent deterioration
  • Professional fibre brushing to ensure grass doesn’t clump together; this keeps your turf looking good as new
  • Filling in sand or rubber as and when your installation requires
  • Repairing turf if damaged

Warning: One problem can lead to another, which shows the value of regular maintenance tasks.

How Often Do You Need Synthetic Grass Maintenance?

Your artificial turf maintenance needs are unique, which is why we offer our clients a variety of maintenance options. Certain maintenance tasks require regular attention while others, like fixing artificial grass, only happens once in a while. For this reason, Easygrasse offers you different care options:

  • GOLD: Regular maintenance on a weekly basis to maintain the look and cleanliness of your turf.
  • SILVER: You can do regular maintenance yourself, while Easygrasse does a quarterly check and performs repairs as necessary.
  • BRONZE: No turf area should be left without some professional help once in a while. We suggest all clients use our services on an annual basis for some cleaning but also vital repairs.

Talk to us about your needs and add it to your yearly maintenance tasks. Using synthetic turf maintenance companies is the effortless way to prolong the lifespan of your green spaces.

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How to Take Care of Artificial Grass Yourself

We’re at your service when you need an artificial grass maintenance service, but we’re not there every day. Use the following tips for fixing artificial grass problems or managing the situation until our team arrives.

Equipment to Maintain Your Fake Grass:

  •  Garden hose
  •  Garden rake
  •  Leaf blower

Tips for Basic Maintenance:

  • You can use a leaf blower to remove leaves and other debris before foot traffic grinds them into the turf.
  • Use your hose pipe to rinse away messes
  • Comb the grass with your garden rake to maintain the look and prevent the fibres from bunching together.
  • Pull out weeds when you notice them.

How to Maintain Artificial Grass with Dogs

Yes, your artificial grass is a safe space for your pets to use too and in general their waste won’t damage the turf, as long as you do the following:

  • Take quick action to prevent stains.
  • Drench areas where they urinate, so the liquid can drain away and remove odours.
  • For excrement, let it dry before you pick it up to remove it. But make sure you remove all of it so it doesn’t get trodden into the fibers.

Yes, you can do a lot to maintain the aesthetics of your artificial grass. But from time to time you’ll need proper artificial grass maintenance to prevent any long-term effects and prevent small problems from escalating and leading to extensive and expensive repairs.

Book your artificial turf maintenance with Easygrasse to suit your schedule and keep effort to a minimum!  

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Maintenance Program

(Pricing subject to a compulsory site visit)

Regular (Weekly)


Quarterly (Self/Easygrasse) SILVER Annually (Easygrasse) BRONZE
  • Weeds and moss – Remove weeds with root, minimum once per year to destroy moss
  • Waste – Natural and food waste, immediately removed
  • Loose seams – Loose seams must be repaired immediately
  • Brushing with POWERBROOM – Bi weekly, different direction, brush in the direction of seams and never across
  • As per regular maintenance
  • Additional sand and rubber infill if necessary (R6.00/kg)
  • Line repair
  • Turf repair
  • Control status seams and lines
  • Remove weeds and moss
  • De-compact sand/rubber with walk-behind cleaner, remove any dust, weeds, leaves, moss and dirt particles, and clean the sand and release it back onto the field
  • Turf brushing
  • Additional sand and rubber infill if necessary (R6.00/kg)
  • Line repair
  • Turf repair

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